Poultry Products

At CKS Food Stuff, we understand the essence of quality ingredients in crafting exceptional meals. Our commitment to culinary excellence shines through our exclusive range of premium poultry products, tailored to meet the demands of your business.


Poultry forms the core of countless cuisines, and we recognize the impact of top-tier quality. Our stringent selection process ensures that each poultry cut meets the highest standards. By collaborating with trusted suppliers and adhering to ethical farming practices, we guarantee the wholesomeness of our products.


We have various sections under Poultry Such as – 

Whole Chicken

Intact and free of skin, this whole uncut meat guarantees that you capture the entirety of chicken’s goodness, presenting a multitude of cooking possibilities. With its tender texture, rich flavor, and wholesome nature, chicken stands as a timeless preference for roasting and perfectly suits the art of slow cooking.


A lean and nutritious meat selection, the chicken breast originates from the pectoral muscle located beneath the chicken. Within a complete chicken, a solitary chicken breast comprising two halves can be found; these halves are commonly detached during the butchering phase and end as separate breast portions.


Chicken Breast

Chicken Thigh

With an abundance of tendons, dark meat makes chicken thighs a more resilient cut. Yet, their elevated fat content compared to white meat leads to their transformation into succulent, luscious delights under skillful cooking techniques. Additionally, their flavor profile surpasses that of white meat, adding an extra dimension of taste.

The drumstick, situated at the upper section of the leg just above the knee joint, remains intricately linked to the chicken’s body. This distinctive portion showcases a seamless continuation of the chicken’s form, offering a delightful balance between tender meat and a slightly firmer texture. Whether grilled to perfection or delicately seasoned and baked, the drumstick presents an opportunity to savor a quintessential poultry experience that honors both taste and tradition.


Chicken Drumstick


Regarding this Product, Eggs come fortified with DHA, a vital element renowned for enhancing memory prowess. In conjunction with the inherent nutrients found within eggs, such as Choline, Selenium, and Lutein, they play a pivotal role in nurturing both brain maturation and visual acuity. As a culmination of these attributes, eggs stand as a prime exemplar of nature’s bountiful and budget-friendly nourishment options, encapsulating wholesomeness in every bite.

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