Sea Food Products

At CKS Food Stuff, we dive into the depths of the ocean’s treasures to bring you a world of premium wholesale seafood. With a passion for excellence and a commitment to quality, we are your reliable source for a diverse range of pristine seafood products that cater to your culinary aspirations.

We understand that quality is the cornerstone of your business. That’s why we meticulously source our seafood from trusted fisheries and aquaculture partners who share our dedication to sustainable practices. Our stringent quality control measures ensure that each batch meets the highest standards, promising you and your customers an unmatched culinary journey.

We have variety of sea food available to us such as-

Pacific Cod

Experience the pure essence of the ocean with CKS Food Stuff’s Pacific Cod. Delicate and flavorful, our sustainably sourced cod offers a versatile canvas for culinary exploration, adding a touch of maritime delight to your menu.

Renowned for its subtle taste, delicate consistency, and pristine ivory flesh, this particular seafood variety stands out in the culinary world.

Discover the ocean’s treasure with CKS Food Stuff’s premium prawns. Delight in their succulent texture and rich flavor, perfect for elevating a variety of culinary creations. Sourced sustainably, our prawns promise to add a touch of seafood elegance to your dishes.





Embark on a gastronomic journey with CKS Food Stuff’s exquisite variety of fish. Our premium selection encompasses a spectrum of flavors and textures, from the rich succulence of salmon to the delicate flakiness of cod. Responsibly sourced and meticulously handled, our diverse fish offerings promise to infuse your culinary endeavors with a taste of the open seas. Elevate your dishes with the finest aquatic ingredients, ensuring each bite is a celebration of flavor, quality, and innovation.

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